Thursday, 21 April 2011

The tradtional way of preparing Sweets and other things

When I was India we had function in our hour,,,,,,,so its just like festival, preparation for the functions in our village is very exiting.... especially food a large quantity is just I thought of sharing one of those here...

Turely speaking Bundhi laddo is one of my fav sweet..but I never tried this by my own..this time here they were preparing this i thought of having some clicks of that.

If we have any function at home then to prepare food and other things in large quantity we call one or two food preparation specialist..who will prepare food (in advance)in large quantities for the guest who are coming to attend our function.

Bhundhi laddo..

This preparation is for about 100 people lets have a look that how to prepare Bhundi laddoo

To prepare bundhi you need Bengal gram flour,saffron and water
(Here i am not giveing any exact measure and exact method of preparation as this is not tried and clicked in my kitchen)
First of all you need to stain the flour/Sift the flour(Bengal gram flour/basan flour)and add saffron to it(add little to give good colour and flavor)

Then make thick batter by adding water to prepare budhi...

We use Pure ghee for frying the bundhi......

For heating oil and frying budhi we use soil stove with bamboo stick fire.....

Now preparing bundhi is one interesting part here....keep the bundhi maker(big large laddle with holes) in one hand above the hot oil pot and on the other hand take batter pour on the bundhi maker and spread by using the below..

and now the batter drops in the oil

and finally it looks like this....

and once it is cooked(should not change the colour,,,should be crispy) then remove it from the oil....

and spread it on paper so that the excess oil will be absorbed and also it will be cool down..

Next comes the preparation of sugar syrap

All you need is Sugar and water .

Heat the sugar and water till it reaches 1 (single)thread consistency.

(this is single tread consistency picture(checking by hand),,but has not come clearly..

Mix in the cardamom powder and fried boondies to this syrap,give good mix and keep aside to become warm.

When the mixture is still warm start making balls by hand.Add one or two raisins in the laddoo's while making balls.(If the mixture cools balls cannot be made as the sugar crystallizes).

Bundi Ladoo are ready to be served(sorry i dont have final picture)

Like the producer goes this there were so many thing prepared ..but I didnt had time to click all of them..i was busy with other things...but after this I have decided i will prepare this laddo by my own and update in my blog with proper measure and method.....Untill then keep visiting my blog with your valuable thoughts and comments...


  1. Great pictorials and perfect laddoos- thanks for sharing :)
    US Masala

  2. Amazing clicks. I really enjoyed the pictorial feast..
    I love these laddoos specially the one we get during marriages.
    Thanks for sharing,

  3. Wow tempting laddoos...beautiful and stepwise pictorials looks great..

  4. Love boondi laddos. missing them a lot.

  5. Very well explained Chitra!!! The laddoos look tempting ;)
    Prathima Rao
    Prats Corner

  6. loved the pictures!!! ive never seen laddoos being made until now...