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Brussels Sprout Stuffed Paratha--A healthy recipe

Hey all after many days I am posting a recipe,,after all my give away and guest post,,its my turn to post the recipe.......and by the by friends,,,,Do not forget to visit my new blog for my Henna art and face paintings(not uploaded yet)....and give your valuable comments.....

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and about the paratha,,,,,

I see lots of verity of paratha now a days in the blog last week thought of making Brussels Sprout Paratha as no one in my home like this veggie much....

I thought this would be great idea to make every one love this veggie too..and I win in this..all liked it very much also the shape made them more hungry as it is quite different.....I hope u all will try this out as well...


For dough:(to make 6-8 paratha)
Multi grain flour(mixed flour of Raagi,whole wheat, gram flour, barley)/whole wheat flour as required for dough + for dusting
Warm water 1 glass
Salt 1/4 tsp
Pure ghee(clarified butter)1tsp
sugar 1tsp

For stuffing:
Brussels Sprout 250gm pack(washed and finely chopped)
sunflower oil/or cooking oil 3tsp
green chilly finely chopped 2
carrom seed 2tsp
sesame seed 1tsp
cumin seed 1/2tsp
turmaric 1/2tsp
salt 1/2 tsp



Heat the oil in a pan add chopped green chilly, fry for 1mins then add cumin, carom seed,turmeric and sesame seed,saute for a min, then add chopped Brussels Sprout, fry till i is lightly crispy then add salt mix well turn of the heat.

In a mixing bowl add warm water,salt and ghee mix well, now add the flour as much required, and knead this mixture to make soft dough. keep this cover for 10mins.

How to prepare the paratha:
Make equal portion balls in dough. Take a ball and roll in to big circle(roll it thin),now take 2TBSP of filling ,keep in the middle of the circle and spread properly

now fold the circle in to shown below..

once the paratha is sealed properly,,,roll it slowly just to given a proper shape(do not roll it more other wise the filling will come out side)

and cook on the hot skillet..(tava)by applying ghee on both the sides of the paratha...repeat this for remaining dough also.

Serve Hot parata with curd and pickle..or as it is....

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  1. That's very unique parathas !!!! Rightly made and loved those square shapes different to regular round ones !!! Will try these shapes next time !!!

  2. Very healthy parathas, looks super good..

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  5. Liked the idea of the square shape,..:)

  6. A very healthy version. Loved it. Especially since it incorporates brussel sprouts..

  7. Paratha looks so good and love your recipes. Thanks for following and glad to follow you back.

  8. Making parathas with brussel sprouts sounds nice and nicely explained too

  9. An award is waiting for you at my space..please drop in to collect it :)

  10. Very unique Paratha using Brussels sprouts. Even the shape is new.

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