Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Mulangi Parata/Radish stuffed Indian bread

Radish 2(grated)
Whole wheat flour 2cup
onion 1(finely chopped)
green chilly 2(finely chopped)
urad lentil 1tsp
Cumin seed 1tsp
Turmeric and mustered 1/2tsp each
cooking oil 1tsp
salt and sugar 1/2 tsp each



Heat the oil in a pan add urad lentil fry for 1mins then add cumin,turmeric and mustered, fry 1min then add grated radish(before adding just squeeze out the juice from radish fully,the juice can be used to knead the flour) salt & sugar fry for 5mins then turn of the heat.

In a mixing bowl knead the flour by adding water or radish juice and make soft dough( add a pinch of salt) keep this for 10mins.

Stuffing By SAndwiching Method:
Make equal portion balls in dough,take 1 ball divide in to 2 and roll 2 separate parata's(small in size).Now take one parata spread filling(approx 2tsp)by leaving some free space in the edge and over it with second parata on the top and seal the edge(press slightly,it will stick together).
Now sprinkle some dry flour on the board and roll stuffed parata gently in to big disc and put on a hot skillet.Cook both sides by applying little oil; repeat this for remaining dough also.
Serve Hot parata with curd and pickle..

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