Monday, 6 June 2011

Beaten rice with multi flour rooti

Last week when I was searching something,,I found some of my old cook books...I was happy and just having a look on one of those book....and I found this recipe..which I felt something interesting and may be yummy to on the very next day I tired this rooti...for which they have mention as 'Beaten rice paratha'.....
But as this is not a paratha I thought of changing the name bit..and also they have mention to deep fry these rooti's..but I cooked in Tawa...

The final result was very thought of sharing with all of you...hope all will enjoy..

I used small cups(made 10 rooti's)
Beaten rice 2cup(use thin)
Semolina 1/4 cup
Self raising flour 1cup
Rice flour 1/4 cup
Coriander powder 2tsp
corn four 1/4 cup
salt as per taste
grated ginger 1TBSP
finely chopped green chilly 3-4(or as per ur taste)
Fresh finely chopped coriander 1/4 cup
water to make dough+ to dip the finger
Silver sheet (can use any shape..i used a square shape)
Soak the beaten rice in water for 5mins.mix all the flour in a bowl add chopped chilly,corionder grated ginger salt,coriander powder and soaked beaten rice...and prepare dough by adding below

Now grease the sliver sheet and take a portion of dough(big lemon size approx) and dip your fingers in water and spread the dough in a circle shape as thin as possible.

Heat the tawa and put the rooti(along with the silver sheet) after 1-2 mins you will be able to take of the silver sheet.

Now cook both the side properly.till red spot comes.....

Now the rooti is ready to serve.......

server the hot rooti with chutney or fresh ghee,,,


  1. Absolutely yummy dosa..hv never tried it..sure try.

  2. delicous looking innovative roti

  3. Thats quite a healthy and innovative rotti, inviting platter..

  4. woww.. This is soo yum and healthy :)

  5. The rotti looks great and must be very delicious.