Thursday, 9 June 2011

Butternut Squash And Red Pepper Soup

Finally i prepared this soup....i know its not a soup season..but still I feel soup is good in all the season.....any ways its bit rainy very nice to have hot soup....

I was thinking butternut squash soup will not be that much tasty.....but I was was very tasty..even my hubby liked it was first time,,I have used 1/4 of butternut....I made it bit more watery as I don't like more thick soup...but if we use 1/2 butternut....u cam prepare nice 2 big bowl of yummy and thick soup....

Butternut squash 1/2(cut in to small cubes)
Red Pepper 1small(chopped)
spring onion chopped 2
Garlic pod 3-4(grated)
Dry Red chilly 2-3
salt to taste
lemon juice 1tsp
water or vegetable stock 2-3 cups
boiled sweet corn 1/2 cup(optional)
oil 2tsp

Heat oil in a pan,add garlic,dry red chilly and spring onion fry for a while and then add chopped pepper and cubed butter nut squash..

fry for min then add water or vegetable stock.and cook till the butternut is tender then turn of the heat.

Once it is cool...take out the butternut,red chilly and red peppre add to blender,,,and make smooth paste.

Now add this to the vegetable stock(stock in which we had cooked butternut and pepper)along with the boild or frozen sweet corn ,,

Adjust the thickness..add water if required and bring it to boil and turn of the heat....

hot soup is ready to serve......

Garnish and serve hot....


  1. Butternut squash and red bell pepper soup looks awesome perfect

  2. Omg, wat a wonderful bowl of fabulous soup,love that colour..

  3. delicious flavours healthy looks wonderful

  4. Yum, wow, lovely flavors in there. Looks divine :)
    US Masala