Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Garlic Cheese bread Rolls

After long time I am back with my baking again.....but this was also in my draft from many days.....now thought of completing it (before i forgot the method)and posting it....I have made this bread rolls for the first time..it has turned very nice....only thing is i have used cheddar cheese,,,,but next time i will use the mozzarella cheese,,which will given more taste to the rolls,,,,


For Dough:
Plain flour 2 cup
milk 1/2 cup
salt 1/2 tsp
sugar 2tsp
Fast action yeast 1tsp
milk powder 1TBSP
butter 20gm
Olive oil-2tbsp

For Filling:
Greated cheese 1/2 cup(I used cheddar)(I suggest to use mozzarella cheese)
Garlic cloves 4-5
Fresh Coriander chopped 3-4TBSP
pinch of salt

Mash the ingreadents of filling together and make a paste,keep aside.

Keep all the dough ingradients in the bread machine and prepare nice soft dough.

Punch it up to remove air bubbles, make 4-5 equal parts of the dough..take one portion and roll it,,(or you can also Roll it out into a big rectangle shape)cut in the middle spread over the cheese garlic on one layer..cover it with another layer again spread the paste on the top of the layer,,,like this make 3-4 layers and cover with last layer..Now make a roll and cut in to 2-3 small pieces.

Cover & rest for another 20 minutes.Bake it til light brown for 20 minutes or till done.(as i have used my bread mechine to bake ,,which has automated time setting for backing...

enjoy the bread rolls..with a cup of tea..........



  1. Incredibly flaky and so tempting these garlic cheese rolls are a 'must try' and sounds awesome with a cup of good tea!!

  2. The rolls look so soft & cheesy..I had bookmarked it too but never got around to making it....Nice addition of milk powder in this one dear :)
    Prathima Rao
    Prats Corner

  3. hi,
    very tempting bread rolls. I love the garlic and cheese combo, bookmarked it.
    thanks and very useful clicks.

  4. Wow lovely rolls for teatime. Will surely try it this weekend.


  5. Looks delicious. Nicely explained...

  6. Perfect job ~ they have come out so delicious looking!

  7. your garlic cheese roll looks yummy. i think i will make it my next project :)

  8. First time at your blog, lovely space...Garlic cheese rolls looks very delicious..

  9. Nice recipe Chitra.. let me try it sometime.

  10. Very tempting rolls.. I am definitely going to try this one. Hats off to you..