Friday, 28 October 2011

Diwali sweet----Kaai holige/kaai Obbattu/coconut filling Sweet pancake

Hello Every one..once again a Happy Diwali all of u.....

I am back with another Diwali this time i prepared different sweets for all the 3 days of Diwali...yesterday we had final day celebration with nice and heavy festive lunch and lots of crackers and Diyas in the night time....My kid was so exited for we enjoyed a lot..I hope you all do enjoy the festival..

Now coming to the sweet...its a very traditional sweet of our community in south Karnataka(a Place in India).my granny prepare this very very well....even though i like this holige..i never tried it by my this time decided to prepare this kind of holige this year (as last year I had prepared Bele (Lentil) holige) I hope you all will try this ,,,,,or many of you know this sweet.....for me this is the first time I am preparing it by my own...but don't worry..the result was very very family loved it...


For filling:

Fresh shredded coconut(of one full) or u can used the same quantity of dry coconut
Beaten rice one handful(soak in 1 cup water and drain before grinding)
Gaggery around 1/4 kg(or as per taste)
cardamon 4-5(powdered)

for cover:

Self growing flour/all purpose flour(maida) 1 1/4 cup
Turmeric 1/2 tsp
Coconut oil 1/2 cup(adjust according to requirement)
war,m water 1/4 glass to prepare dough(use only as much required)
cooking oil or coconut oil for rolling holige around 1/2 cup(I have used sunflower oil)
Silver foil sheet for rolling

How to prepare:

Sift Self growing flour and Turmeric in a bowl mix well then add 1/2 cup of coconut oil to this and mix well in hand.Once the oil is mixed with flour properly add half portion of water(from 1/4 glass) and knead the flour gently to prepare the soft dough(use more water if required).The dough should be more soft as compare to chapati dough.Do not use dry flour if it is sticky,apply coconut oil (or can use cooking oil)on your palm and knead the dough.and keep covered for 40 mins for resting.

Add the shredded coconut,and beaten rice(soaked and drained) in blender, add little (warm) water and just make coarse paste(not very smooth paste).

Take a heavy bottom pan add this paste, cardamom powder and jaggary to it

and turn on the heat(low) and cook till it will become non-sticky or when u touch it in a wet hand it wont be sticky..instead you can make balls from that(it will take apprx around 1 hour and 45 mins) you should be keep on stirring in once five mins to avoid lumps and burn of the bottom of the pan.

Then once it is done turn of the heat and keep aside to get cool..(it may takes 30 mins to 40 mins)...

Once it is cool...make around 15-16 equal parts of balls from this.....

Take out the covering dough and knead it for 2-3 mins by applying oil to your palm and make 15-16 balls from this dough also(keep this balls in a greased plate)

(even though the above looks bigger in size in the picture,this balls will almost half the size compare to filling balls).

Take a small dough ball(made for covering) flatten it by hand,keep big dough ball(made for stuffing) in the middle and cover with the outer portion dough and prepare holige ball covered with stuffing(apply oil to ur fingers while preparing this).

Now apply oil on the silver foil, keep a holige ball(apply on top of the ball)

and roll it gently and care fully. Otherwise it will stick everywhere or the filling will come outside and will become mess.(Roll as big as normal roti).

Heat tava in medium flame, Once it is hot transfer the holige(along with the foil sheet) on tava, and slowly take of the sheet carefully(so that u can use the same sheet for the next holige) and turn on the other side(here also you should be very care full ). and again after 30-35 seconds turn on the other side.Like this once both sides are cooked properly transfer it on a plate.......Kaai Holige is ready ...

Ready for pooja....

.....once it is completely in a big flat bottom container(u can also store this container in fridge for long stay)it will stay till 2 weeks...


Transfer one or two holige in a serving plate melt ghee(clarified butter)(or u can use with out melted ghee) sprinkle 1 or 2 tsp on top of the holige and serve ..usually this sweet will be served during festive lunch as main sweet....


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  2. Beautiful...The deco is so divine and the Holige looks great..Perfect!!Wish I could taste some...

  3. Delicious pancakes. Loved it.

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