Monday, 3 October 2011

spicy Popped-rice(or puffed rice) with fresh coconut

This is a very very easy and tasty and snack, which can be prepared any time(if you have pop rice ready with you) . Pop rice is one of my hubby's fav snack...i am do not know the exact English word for this,,,,
My granny use to make this kind of pop rice at home when we were small,,it use to b very fresh and tasty...

So when I went to some Indian shop here in UK I found this pop rice I bought and thought of preparing a nice snack ..I hope you a will love this..

Note:If you don't have pop rice you can also use beaten rice(thin) to prepare this kind of snack.

Puffed rice(pop rice) 1 bowl
fresh shredded coconut 1 cup
green chilly 4-5(or as per spice)
Fresh chopped coriander 2TBSP
coconut oil 2TBSP
salt as required
water 2TBSP

Chop the green chilly add in a big mixing bowl,also add the salt and fresh chopped coriander and mash both.Now add coconut,oil and mix well.

Now add the pop rice to it and sprinkle the water and mix everything nicely...serve immediately with a cup of tea or coffee.....


  1. What a nice new way to eat n enjoy puffed rice ~ awesome it looks!

  2. lovely popped rice..its goood!!

    Do drop by my space too

  3. Nice recipe.. I didn't knew that Hodlu can be used to prepare such a nice snack!

  4. Wow nice, I love to have spicy hodlu with yogourt. My great grand mother used to have it for breakfast!!! :)....

  5. Healthy and yummy snacks,love it...

  6. Such a yummy snack!!!!
    Prathima Rao
    Prats Corner

  7. Delicious snack..looks fabulous..

  8. Looks healthy and delicious snack. Some of them make a sweet version of this with Jagerry and coconut and it tastes equally good!

  9. Delicious and Yumm Puffed Rice snack dear.Just luv it.First time in Ur space and luv ur yumm recipe blog.Glad to follow and learn Kannadiga Recipes from U.

  10. love the idea of having spicy puffed rice... what a wonderful snack!