Monday, 28 November 2011

Masala (Spicy) Rice Rooti

This is our one of our traditional method of making rice our village in almost all the houses they prepare rice rooti's on top of fresh banana that taste (with banana fresh leaf aroma)is something mouth watering.even we can prepare dry banana I don't have banana leaf with me to make such kind of rooti but we can still get the taste of rooti(90%) prepare by using foil sheet..

Here comes the recipe...


Rice 1cup
Urad Dhal 3tsp
Cumin seed 2 tsp
Coriander seed 3tsp
sesame seed 2tsp
Red chilly flacks 2-3 tsp(or as per spice)
Salt to taste
finely chopped onion 1
finely chopped fresh coriander leaves 3-4 TBSP
finely chopped green chilly(optional) 1
cooking oil around 1/2 cup(use as required to prepare rooti on the foil sheet)
sliver foil sheet(to prepare rooti)

Soak the rice over night.
Dry roast the the cumin, sesame seed, urad lentil and coriander seeds for 2-3 mins and keep side.
Once it is cool add all the spice with red chilly flacks and soaked rice in a blender and blend it to make smooth paste(by adding water)and

pour this in to a thick bottom pan, add salt,finely chopped onion, coriander and green chilly, mix well.

Turn on the heat ,keep on stir the batter nicely until it becomes like sticky dough(it will absorb the water contents it may take around 10-15 mins in medium flame)then turn of the heat and let it become cool.

Once the dough is cool grease the foil sheet and also apply 1/2 tsp of oil to ur fingers.make a small orange size ball

and keep it on the foil sheet and make rooti by pressing gently in your fingers... spread in to a circle shape by around 1cm thick rooti(as like normal rooti size).

Heat the skillet and put this rooti along with the foil sheet on top of the tava ..after 2 mins slowly take of the foil sheet and turn on the the other side of the rooti...

cook both the side properly and transfer it to serving ptale..

It can be served with coconut oil or with coriander chutney..


  1. Very healthy and tempting recipe.. looks absolutely perfect !!
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  2. Wow very tempting Roties!! nice recipe :)

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  5. Masala roti looks delicious.

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  7. Looks fabulous,masala rotis makes me hungry.

  8. Perfect for those long train journeys, they look delightful! Ingenious recipe my dear :)

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  11. Thats a great recipe. Looks so delicious and yummy!

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