Friday, 24 February 2012

Moong Lentil Chakli---Easy method

I was planning to prepare chakli from many fact from 3-4 months I was planning,,but it was getting postponed for one or the other reason...finally I decided to prepare on last Monday,,,,,as now a days because of many special occasion,,,i prepared too many sweets and now more demand for savory and snacks in my house....and first on the list was chakli,,,,,i first chose to prepare muruku,,,,but then thought of preparing Mung lentil chalki.....and didn't had any idea of updating in the I already had one chalki recipe in my blog which of similar method.....but after seeing the result I felt that I must put this on my blog(even my hubby told me)....Because it was supper hit was so yummy,crispy and with nice colour,,,,,so later i clicked some of the pics of it.....
Hope u all love it and try this in ur kitchen..

Rice flour 2cup
Yellow Moong dhal 1 cup
Sesame seed 1TBSP
Cumin seed 1tsp
Cardom(Ajwan) seed 1TBSP
Salt as per taste
Red chilly powder 1tsp(or as per spice)
Cooking oil(or u can also use coconut oil) 2TBSP+Kneading the dough and also to grease ur hand
Oil for Deep frying

How to prepare:
Cook the split moog lentil in a pressure cooker by adding around 2-3 cups of water(about 5-6 whistles) and let it become cool. Then transfer the cooked lentil to a thick bottom pan ,turn on the heat add sesame,cumin Carom seed ,salt,red chilly powder and give a good stir for 4-5 mins.
Take the rice flour in a bowl and add to hot lentil gravy slowly and stir properly cook the dough for 2-5 mins then turn of the heat Add 2TBSP of oil(I have used sunflower oil),mix well and keep aside to become cool.
once dough is warm grease your palm & knead the dough well on a flat board,pressing the dough to the board by hand and prepare a soft dough.Fill the dough in chakli mould.

or if you don't have the chakli mould, use pastry bag with star shape tip.
Press long on a flat board use a plastic paper on the board to make it easier to lift the chakkuli and give chakkuli shape by hand, and keep it over a wax paper or greased plate. Or the simple way is Have used ceramic plate like below

Heat the oil in a frying pan and when the temperature is appropriate drop this chakkuli one by one and fry till they are hard and crisp.

Enjoy the hot chakkuli.It is more tasty after cooling.Store it in airtight container only after its cooled down completely.


If the chakkuli's tend to break while making, try kneading the dough for some more time, still if it is not coming well add some more milk/water and knead again.If the dought is too soft then also it will not come out well..then you need to add some more rice flour to fix this....


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