Thursday, 1 March 2012

Veg puff with fruits--Mother's Day Special

Mother's Day is its again celebration time...My hubby is a huge fan of Veg finally I thought of preparing this puff for him,,but I didn't had enough time to prepare the puff pastry decided to buy from the store and prepared with out adding fruits...but 2nd times I thought of giving some twist for these puff' tried with some summer berries and dry was very nice and yummy....So thought of updating it as Mother's day special.... (I included both days clicks)

One puff pastry sheet we can make around 8-10 puffs(it may differ from brand to brand)
Puff Pastry sheet 1(I used store bought...eggles,,,can use home made also)

For filling:
Cooking oil 3tsp
Vegetables which I have used is(U can use ur fav)
Onion 1 finely chopped
Capsicum 1 small finely chopped
Green pea (frozen or boiled) 1cup
green beans(i have used frozen)1/2 cup chopped
Boiled potato 1 peeled and chopped
Cauliflower chopped 1cup
baby corn chopped 1/4 cup(optional)
Summer berries 1cup(I have used frozen like strawberry, raspberry,blueberry redcurrant,blackberry)
Pickled olive chopped 10-12(optional)
Black raisin and dried fig chopped both together 1/4 cup
salt to taste
Garam Masal powder 1tsp
Chilly powder if required more spice 1/2tsp
green chilly or Pickled chilly(I have used pickled one) chopped 2-3

How to prepare :

Heat the oil in a thick bottom pan add capsicum saute for a min then add onion saute for 2-3 mins then add(if ur using fresh green chilly then add the chilly first and then saute for a min then add capsicum and onion) garam masala and saute,now add potato and green peas, mix well now add cauliflower and baby corn(i have used frozen) mix it again and add salt and chilly powder(use only required),,followed by summer berries and chopped dry fruits(raisin and fig) ...give it a good mix and turn of the heat......

Pre-heat the oven by gas mark 6 and take out the puff sheet 1/2 an hour before baking....

Now cut the puff sheet in to required size rectangle shape and arrange it on the baking tray...(keep space between each puff)..take 2-3TBSP(depending upon the size of the puff) of veg filling and keep it on the one end of the rectangle,,sprinkle some chopped olive(if required) and seal the other end on top of it...lock it from all the 3sides properly

Below is the click of with fruits

Below is the clicks of with fruit puff

and bake it for about 20min(again depending upon the oven) or till it is lightly brown and crispy.....

once done take out from the oven and serve yummy...


  1. Looks so delicious.I like this idea of sprinkling some oil.I always find recipes with brushing egg whites...I will try this way
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  2. Looks delicious.. the best recipe possible. Thanx for sharing. I will have to try this one now... my hubby loves puffs too..!

  3. Very delicious puffs, adding berries is new and interesting..

  4. Healthy and delicious puffs. Would be great with a cup of coffee.

  5. looks so yum n feeling hungry......loved it..i luv puffs..

  6. Healthy and Delicious puffs.

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  7. Very healthy n delicious puffs,loved the addition of raisins and dry fruits!

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  8. wow delicious looking puff. filling so great. I am your new follower now.

  9. That's like the best Veg puffs I've seen! Looks very delicious!

    By the way, I didn't know your email ID so just posting here. I would love to have you do a post for my Cooking With Kin Series. DO have a look at my series and let me know if you can or cannot do so that I can draw up a schedule. It doesn't need to be something too difficult. Any simple recipe would do too. Just let me know.
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  10. very interesting and different stuffing...very healthy too.try this soon..

  11. never heard of adding fruits in puffs... hats off to u....



  12. Hello.. :)
    U have a fantastic blog.. :) i like it.. :)

    Modalne sala naanu kannadvr blog nodidhu..thumba ne kushi aythu.. :)