Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Gobi masal with black eye beans(califlower curry)

Cauliflower 1 small(make small pieces)
Black eye beans 1cup
onion 1 big sliced
capsicum 1 diced
tomato 2 chopped
mustered 1tsp
Somp 1tsp
turmeric 1/2 tsp
fresh chopped coriander 4tsp
cooking oil 3tsp
urad lentil 1tsp
coriander seed 2tsp
garam masala 2tsp
mashed garlic 4 cloves
tamarind paste 1/2tsp
salt to taste and 1/2 tsp of sugar


Cut the cauliflower wash and steam it by adding water and turmeric powder. Cook the black eye beans by adding water properly. Heat a small pan add urad lentil fry for 30 second then add coriander seed & somp fry for 30 second then add sesame and turn of the heat.Add these fried items in a blender along with grated coconut ,tamarind paste and garam masala powder and make smooth paste(add water if required).
Heat oil in a pan add urad lentil and mashed garlic and fry for 2mins then add mustered and capsicum saute then add onion fry till onion turns in to golden brown. Now add tomato saute for 3mins, add coconut paste and stir for 5mins then add cooked black eye beans and cauliflower mix well,add salt and sugar and also add water if the Gravy is thick. Boil the gravy for 5mins then turn of the heat......

Gobi masala is ready to serve...with any kind of chapati rooti or dosa..

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