Monday, 20 December 2010

Leek and potato soup

First of all I am sorry for not being update from last week....I was bit busy ..with winter...I mean to say I was not well..Its too much of cold here this year....with heavy snow ..all of us got recovered just a day back,,,,,so now I am back with a nice and easy soup recipe for this cold winter...Hope will enjoy..

Leek chopped 1cup
baby potato diced 1cup(or can use normal potato)
parsley finely chopped 2TBSP
water around 1/2 ltr
vegetable stock cube 2
salt as per taste
lemon juice 1/2tsp
black pepper powder 1tsp

Add all the ingredients (except salt,lemon juice and pepper powder) in a pan,stir,

turn on the heat...bring them boil,then turn in to medium flame and cook for about 20 mins or till the potato is tender.Then turn of the heat...
strain out the water in another pan,,blend the cooked potato and leek by adding salt,pepper and lemon juice in to smooth pure.
Now add this puree to the soup water...bring to boil again and turn of the heat......
The soup is ready to serve.....serve hot.....


  1. woww wat a comforting soup..

  2. Looks colorful and delicious soup..perfect for winter weather!