Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Baked Veggie wheel(Roll)s

This is a kind of dish which you can use as breakfast for the kids as well as snack....my invention in bread machine baking...though of doing something different...and found out this....I am sure any one will like this wheels..

For cover:
All purpose flour or whole wheat flour 2cup
water 1/2 cup(use only as much required)
salt 1/2 tsp
baking powder 1/2tsp(optional)
milk 2-3TBSP to brush

For stuffing:
vegetables 1bowl all together(I have used beans,carrot,cauliflower,green peas and potato) (chop and boil all the vegetable)
onion 1 finely chopped
turmerics 1/2tsp
ginger garlic paste 1/2tsp
cooking oil 2TBSP
garam masal 2tsp(do not use if you r preparing for kids)
chilly powder 1tsp(use pepper powder 1/2 tsp if you r preparing for kids)
lemon juice 1tsp
salt as per taste and 1/2tsp sugar

add salt ,baking powder and flour in a mixing bowl add water (don't add at one short) and make a soft and non-sticky dough.Cover with a plastic sheet and keep aside.

Heat oil in a woke,add chopped onion,fry till it is golden brown,then add turmeric and ginger garlic paste saute for a min then all the boiled and chopped vegetable saute for 2-3 mins,Now add lemon juice and all other dry ingredients..mix well saute for 2-3mins again..Once done turn of the heat..

Take out the dough from the plastic sheet,,Make a big lemon sized ball from the dough,dust it and roll a big paratha on rolling pin.

Now spread the stuffing all around the sheet(leave some space on one edge)..

Now make roll of this..as below..

Cut in to 2-3 Pisces.brush them with milk.

bake it in the oven,,,I have used bread machine to bake them...Keep the roll in the pan,fix the pan to machine...use the function extra bake..and bake it till 30mins(In the oven it will bake faster than the bread machine).....One more thing is after 15 mins stop the machine and turn the roll on the other side so that,,,all the parts will bake nicely..

Once the rolls turns light brown take out from the pan and keep aside for 5mins..Now cut the rolls in to small small wheels..

kids will love this kind of wheels...as it is small in size..very handy for the kids..

serve with tomato sauce.....

I am entering this to Srivalli's
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  1. A lovely Snack! So filling and yumm.

  2. So tempting veggie pinwheels, feel like grabbing..

  3. hey, these baked rolls are looking yummy. Nice one.

  4. so inviting n tempting rools...

  5. whoa !!! That looks simply superb and mouth watering.

    US Masala

  6. Nice recipe and step by step procedure too! Super!