Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Moong Lentil (Dhal) hot drink

Hello All,,,,Its been long time I have not updated my blog,,,,I really don't know the exact reason...i was bit busy time to try new kind of here I am back with one simple and delicious drink..

This is a very good drink in all seasons and any time of the day.....I learned it from my mom-in-law...When we were not having lunch or dinner(while going to temples) she use to prepare this drink,,so that we wont get hungry and also this drink keeps your body cool......

And also this drink is very very simple to make but its a very healthy and tasty drink....

(to make 3 glass drink)
Yellow split Moong lentil(dhal) 1cup(small)
Milk 2glass
water 1 cup (add only if required)+extra for cooking the lentil
Jaggarey (grated)1/2 cup(small) or as per taste


Cook the the moon lentil b y adding water in a thick bottom pan till it is very smooth.

Then add the milk and water(add water only if required)bring it to boil.

Keep and eye on this and stir in between.Now add the jaggarey and mix well.Once every thing got mixed turn of the heat ....

The hot Drink is ready to serve....serve hot..any time..


  1. Wow what a healthy drink.

  2. hi,
    You have a very nice all the dishes you have posted.
    Have visited sirsi many times.Love the greenery there and of course the delicious food.
    Happy to follow you and learn new dishes from North Karnataka.

  3. nice drink, and very healthy too

  4. Healthy drink for summer..:)

  5. Fantastic drink,thanks for sharing..

  6. Healthy & comforting drink :)
    Prathima Rao
    Prats Corner

  7. Delicious healthy n very new recipe!
    US Masala