Saturday, 14 May 2011

Riped Banana Sweet and spicy Fletters/ Nedra Bale Hannina Podi

This Banana Podi is a famous snack in South Karnataka.. especially when we were in Mangalore we use to love this podi and mom use to prepare regularly.for this podi they use different kind of banana...which is big in size with different taste. This kind of banana is very nice to make raw banana chips......

So Last weekend We bought that kind of banana because my hubby also likes it very much and the recipe is very simple and easy to make.......But it tastes very very yummy...

Bengal Gram flour(gram flour/split Chickpeas flour 2 cup)
Big Banana Riped 2 (Manglore banana or Nendra banana)
Caraway seed 1tsp
turmeric powder 1/2 tsp
lemon juice 2tsp
Baking soda 1/2 tsp
Red chilly powder 2tsp
oil for deep frying
salt to taste
water to make batter


Cut the Banana in to 3 equal parts,take of the skin and make medium size slice and keep aside.

In a mixing bowl add all other ingredients(except oil) and mix well, and make batter by adding water(it should be more thick than dosa batter).

Heat the oil in frying pan and dip the banana slice in batter and fry them both sides properly and take out,put it on tissue. Once the extra oil is absorbed ,poodi is ready to serve.....

Serve hot with chutney or and kind of dips or.....just with Tea...


  1. this is new to me.. This dish is interesting :) we have a similar dish in Kerala but it is sweet!

  2. We make this kind with ripe plantain and it is called pazham pori. Looks dleicious. love them lot.

  3. Nice n yummy snack...looks delicious..:)

  4. Crispy and yummy snack, love it..

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