Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Akki Shavige/Home made rice noodles...yummy breakfast

Its been long since I am posting only sweets in my blog....too much sweet is not good...so I thought of posting something different......

This is one of my very very fav break fast....which my granny used to prepare....even after marriage when ever i go to granny's house I will ask her to prepare this Shevige......its simply yummy and mouth watering which she prepares........I never tried this shevige by my own..as my granny prepare this by using very old but traditional method......which is very lengthy.....so i never tried this recipe any time.....Now I miss those days and that food..so I deiced to prepare this last week end...

Even though there are many easy ways to prepare this shevige....I would like to try my granny's recipe this time......as i can always prepare in a different method.next time...

And the result was very nice..every one liked at home....because i was scared that my hubby has never tried this before(only 1 or 2 times he tasted) so is he going to like it or not,,,,,But it was a hit and so I am happy...

So here is the recipe......My granny's recipe...


To prepare Noodles:

Rice 2 1/2 cup(Dosa rice do not use basumati or long grain rice for this)
Water around 3-4 glass(use accordingly)
salt 1/2tsp or as per taste

To prepare kai haali(coconut milk):

Fresh coconut(grated) 1cup
cardamom 3-4 skinned
Jaggary 1/2cup
water to grind

Other ingredients:

mango pickle Home made or store bought 2-3tsp or as per the taste
Fresh coconut oil as per requirement

How to prepare Noodles:
Soak the rice for 3-4 hours and grind it by adding water..make very smooth paste.

Now take half portion of the rice batter in a heavy bottom pan, add about 2glass of water cook in a low flame.

Cook it till it will become bit thick....for about 15 mins...keep on stirring..

then turn of the heat and keep aside for 5 min..then add the rest of the batter to it along with salt and mix well..

till there are no lumps found( I mixed by using by electric hand mixer for abount 2-3mins in speed3)add 2-3 glass of water while mixing the batter(the batter should be as like dosa batter or may be litter more water added to it)

Once the batter is smooth, transfer this batter to 3-4(by making 3-4 protion of the batter) flat and wide bottom pan.cover each pan by a lid or plate. if the layer is thin. .it will cook soon and nice...or if u have a cooker container..that will also do

Now cook this batter on steam by using idly steamer or cooker with out wishele..for about 30 to 40mins or until it cooks well..

Once the batter is cooked keep this aside for 10mins and then cut it in to small pices and fill it in the Chakli maker..but use the small small holed plate instead of using chakkali plate...press it by making small small protion......
and the shevige is ready to serve....

How to prepare Kai Haalu or coconut milk:

Now add coconut, cardamom and jaggary in the blender and make a smooth paste of it by adding water..transfer this to a serving bowl and add more water if needed....
Note :prepare this kai haalu at the time of serving...too keep the freshness

Serving method:

There are 2-3 ways of eating this shevige...

First you can eat this as it is..as like plain it will be yummy.........

or just add 1tsp of fresh coconut oil to the shevige mix well and eat..its very very yummy.....
or add 1tsp of coconut oil and tesp of mango pickle mix well and eat it..........its more yummy...just like mouth watering....

or finally if ur having sweet tooth then add 7-8TBSP of the above kai haalu(prepared my coconut jaggary and cardamom)to the shevige ,mix well and eat it....its really really tasty......u will never leave it...

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  1. Yum yum super tempting rice noodles..

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  4. very cute and soft nice noodles..looking very tempting..nice recipe

  5. Thank you so much for posting this recipe.. I was looking for this since long time.. Awesome, very very tempting..

  6. You have an award at my space,please collect it dear..

    Erivum Puliyum

  7. You can prepare it eggless too,it tastes great that way too!!I always add eggs to sneak it for my kids..

    Erivum Puliyum