Monday, 30 January 2012

Chequered or Cheque board eggless cake---For our Wedding Anniversary

I was waiting for this occasion from many days because from the day when I saw this Chequered or Cheque board cake in some of my blogger friends blog I have decided that this cake is for our Wedding Anniversary......and finally its was on 27th of Jan we have finished our 6 successful wedding years....Now the cake preparation was not so easy... even thought it looks bit easy to prepare.....its quite difficult and more time consuming.....
so as i told u this is very special occasion I wanted to preapre the best cake in the world....almost whole day I spent to prepare this cake.....but my bad luck...even thought I followed the correct method....the cake was so bad was very sticky and one of the worst cake I have ever made..I was shocked to see the cake,,because this is not my first time cake..god only knows what happened to that cake..but it was not the cake I was preparing for....I was feeling so sad..

But I did gave up....I again prepared one more time by fresh ingredients and this time....prepared batters for both the cake seperate by using different method.....and this time finally...I had that my dream anneversary cake in my hand ...but I was not so much happy with the result(look wise) may be because I have used supper soft sponge flour ..the cake was very very soft and by the time I kept it on the rack to cool down it started breaking..and when I cut the didn't come out very good as it was very soft..I was not able to lift it and put it in to the other cake.......but the taste was super you can see the cake was very spongy and lite........only looks wise I don't give it 100%...but taste wise..I am very very happy and even my family liked it very much........

And this time I have used Flax seed powder as Egg replacer for my recipe....Its really a good egg replacer...
So after long long comes the recipe....


For while sponge:

Self raising flour 1 and 1/2 Cup(I have used Supreme super sponge flour)
Ground almonds 3TBSP
Baking powder 1tsp
Bicarbonate of soda 1/2tsp
1 c of milk
1/4 C of vegetable/sunflower oil
White sugar 1/2 cup
vanilla extract 1tsp
salt 1/4tsp
Lemon juice 1TBSP
Ground Flex seed 2tsp(this works as egg re-placer)
warm water 3-4TBSP

For chocolate sponge:
for chocolate sponge I have used the same ingredients and followed the below recipe of my blog only......just added 3TBSP of ground almonds along with the flour...and this time I have used supreme super soft sponge flour
click here Egg-less-chocolate-cake

For glueing, filling and covering-

I have used Double cream for everything....

2Cups of double cream, whipped with 1tblsp of sugar till stiff (to make chocolate frosting add 2tsp of coco powder to one portion of cream whipped with 1tblsp of sugar till stiff and keep refrigerate for 1/2 hour and then take out and use it) ( if you like you can also use jam instead of the cream to fix the pieces together and then cover with cream...also u can use butter cream frosting....

How to prepare white sponge:

Pre heat the oven at 350c/180 deg/gas mark 4. Line two greased(one is for white sponge and another one is for chocolate sponge) and foiled 9 inch round pans .
Add the flax seed powder in the warm water and keep it aside.
Sieve together flour,ground almond ,baking powder, baking soda and salt and mix well .

In another bowl, whisk together the milk, sugar,venilla exract,lemon juice and oil.

now add the dry ingredients in to the liquid slowly and fold in till everything is just mixed together.

And also prepare the chocolate cake batter as per the recipe....

Now spoon the mixture into the lined pan(also prepare chocolate cake batter and spoon in to the another lined pan).Tap the pans to spread the mixture and keep aside for 5 mins to release air bubbles.

Now Place the pans in the centre of the pre heated oven and bake for about 30-35 mins(mine took 40 mins)till the top is lightly browned and a toothpick inserted in the center comes out clean.
Cool the cakes in the pans for two minutes and transfer to a rack, upside down (to cool completely)peel off the foil.
Once cooled, cut out both the sponge in following method by cookies cutter or any other circle ring...

Now fix the rings as below and also both the cake by applying prepared cream..

Now apply cream on top of one sponge and keep another sponge on top of it carefully to make 2 Tyre cake...
and I have not done much icing for my cake.because by the time i finished my 2 Tyre cake i was tooo tired....and also it was late... so Just I have made borders by using white and chocolate prepared cream .............

Finally the cake is ready to eat........

and finally I made it.......

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  2. Awesome work .. was really wondering how could these beautifully checkers be made.. wonderful step by step pics n am drooling for a piece of it..

  3. Great work,soft and moist cake,wonderful step by step pics

  4. Looks so moist and yum. Belated wishes for ur anniversary

  5. Awww...sorry to hear about the first one going wrong! Happens so often with me too every time I'm experimenting something first time!
    But this one doesn't look so bad, quite well done!
    And belated happy anniversary :)

  6. Great work dear !! perfectly done !! looks so yummy !! You can link to Ongoing event !! Thanks :)

    Ongoing Event - CC-Chocolate Fest

  7. Super yummy cake Chitra!! Really I should appreciate your efforts. Wish you both happy wedding anniversary :)

  8. looks yumm n tasty..u made it perfectly....... Wish you happy wedding anniversary.......

  9. Happy wedding anniversary Chitra..Wat a delicious cake, looks absolutely stunning and incredible.

  10. wat a coincidence.....the same happened to me when i tried chequered cake....the first time the cake tasted so hard and it was the worst cake...i tried with fresh flour again and made it somehow...
    pls do check mine

  11. Very delicious n perfectly done with chequered cake,yummy !!Long time I wished to bake this cake..

    Erivum Puliyum

  12. Hi.. Wish you both a very very happy wedding anniversary!!!!

    Feel like having entire cake. It is justtttt AMAZING. Even the step-wise pictures are very informative for a person like me, who cant bake. Lastly, Hats off for your efforts.

  13. Hey dear,
    You have an award @ my space ..plz collect the same :)
    Here is the link:


  14. Hi Chitra..1st time in your connected while i was searching for eggless checkered cake..good one..really appreciate your effort..the cake looks so spongy..could you please tell me if i can make this with plain flour or do i have to use self raising flour itself..also what is the purpose of adding ground almond?

  15. Thanks everyone for ur lovely comments.....It makes my day.....

    Anu,,,this is for u I am not able to find ur profile..I replied here only,,,,I usually use all purpose flour for preparing cakes,,,,it works well... especially while it is egg less,,,so I don't have much idea about plain flour,,,and Almond flour is optional,,,u can make cake with out that also..but this will given more richness to the cake,,so I have added to my cake..

  16. thank you so much Chitra,by plain flour i meant all purpose flour only..sorry for the a non-blogger ,may be that's why you cannot see my profile.thank you so much for the detailed reply..