Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Festival ( Ellu Bella) and an Award....Double celebration..

There is a saying in Kannada"Ellu Bella Tindu Ollolle Matadi" Means eat 'sweet and talk sweet'.....this will be told during the MAkara sankranti festival...In the evening of the festive day all the girls will be well dressed and going to all their friends and nebaours house to giving Ellu Bella....It was so nice in those days.....All sweet memories.......Now only preparing and eating by our self with our family..... Ellu bella is one of my fav sweet...wich I don't miss to prepare on this occasion...

This is a very very simple yet very very tasty dish....u can prepare any time and can store for more than 3 months,,,,,
Last year I have posted the recipe..but again I feel like updating this year's clicks.... for the recipe click here this year i added few coloured sugar drops to make it more colourful...

And again its award time..... one more Award for me....From Julie...I am so so happy to receive this awards..and would like to thank her from the bottom of my heart...She has got a beautiful space and a vast collection of recipe....all must visit her space once...
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  1. Congrats Ellu bella looks great..

  2. Congrats Chitra!!
    Prathima Rao
    Prats Corner

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  4. congrats on your award dear! wish you many more and the ellu bella looks yummy! Do visit and join my blog dear - already following you! cheers, priya

  5. Many congrats on you award dear. Ellu bella looks great..

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