Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Carrot Rice For Deepavali Festival

I Wish All of you very HAPPY AND BRIGHT DEEPAVALI" festival.....

This is very tasty and one of my kids fav rice item.When ever i prepare some new dish,,if my kid likes it means it is really tasty.
Yes you are right, I am trying this carrot rice for the first time and my kid liked it very much.So here is the recipe...

Basmati rice 2cup
Fresh carrot,grated 1cup
Spring Onion chopped 1 small cup(or you can use normal onion 1 sliced,lenght wise)
Green chilies 2(Sliced)
1/2 Cup boiled peas (or frozen peas)
1 tsp of cooking or Ghee(to mix with cooked rice)
1/2 tsp Mustard seeds
1tsp of cumin seed
Coriander powder 1tsp
1 tsp Lemon juice
cooking oil 2-3TBSP(for cooking )
Salt to taste

How to prepare :
Cook rice in according to the method you prefer but make sure the grains be cooked properly ,separate and not sticky.

Once the rice is done transfer to a broad flat plate.Cool down to warmth.Add the 1 tbsp ghee or oil & salt(approx 1/2 tsp)and mix gently with the flat end of a ladle or spatula, breaking any lumps during the process.

Heat oil in a heavy bottom wok, fry the cumin and splutter the mustard's.Add chopped spring onion,saute till it is translucent,then add grated carrots.Fry in a medium flame for a minute.The onions would have acquired a golden brown colour and the carrots, just cooked by now,then add boiled or frozen peas(if you are using frozen peas then in keep it in microwave for 2min before adding)and saute for a min then add coriander powder,lemon juice, and a little salt, mix well again. Then turn off the flame.Transfer this into the cooked rice plate.

Gently blend the ingredients well with the rice with a ladle or using fingers until the grains are coated uniformly.Carrot Rice is ready to serve.serve hot with onion or cucumber raitha.

Enjoy the carrot rice Deepavali Festival hot...

I am sending this recipe to Akhila's

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