Thursday, 11 November 2010

Instent Rava (Semolina)Dosa

This is one of a easy and lazy dose...but tastes very nice.When you don't have mood and time to prepare,then surely try this dosa..

Ingredients:(to make 4-5 dosa)
Rava(semolina) 1 cup Carrot grated 1/2 cup
Green chilly 1 finely chopped
Salt to taste
water to make batter and for other purpose


Soak the rava(semolina) in a 1/2 cup water for 5-10 mins.Then blend it (add water only if required) make smooth paste. Now add this batter to a bowl along with other ingredients(except water and oil)mix well and batter should be like normal dosa batter.

Heat the tava and take a ladle full of batter and make dosa by gently spreading it in a round shape(prepare as like normal dosa),cover with lid.

Once the bottom is cooked(it will turn to light brown colour)then sprinkle 1/2 tsp of oil and turn on the other side after a min take the dosa and put in to a serving plate....

Serve hot with any kind of chutney..or I like to have the dosa with Chutney powder and coconut oil....