Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Participation for the event --30 best recipes of 2010

Hello Everyone..
Today I was just going through one of my fellow blogger I saw a very interesting event for which she has participated for.When I went to see the event page..I felt very exiting by reading about event....

Its 30 best recipes of know more about the event check

Visit the-30-best-recipes-of-2010

I am very glad to participate for this event .I am participating at the very end movement.I hope my entry will be qualified for the same.Hope for the best....I am sending 2 of my best post in this year(Which I felt).In so many recipes,,,,Its very difficult to select only 2 best,,but you don't have any other choice,,so as per my though the below 2 are best to send for this event..

Visit bele-holigeobbattutoor-lentil-sweet_08
I am sending this hologe recipe,,because I prepared this on Deepavali for the first time by my own and it has turned very well and yummy...My husband told me that 'I haven't felt that your preparing this for the first time'.So I feel this is one of my best sweet till now.
Visit akki-karerice-with-cucumber-savory
The second one is a savory which made from rice...I felt this is different savory which has a very tasty with a good flavour of cucumber.So I consider this one...
Now fingers crossed for the results....

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