Sunday, 21 November 2010

My First Baking with My Bread(new)Mechine

Huuummm....I am very Happy today,that I am entering in to a most interesting and exiting world(for me) of cooking.i.e Baking....One of my most curious part of cooking,because I never did baking....and every time when, I see my fellow blogger posted so many recipes of baking,,,and I can just read them and cant do anything,but I also use to feel like baking bread(s),pizza or cake of my own,,,So from today that dream of mine is come true and finally I baked my first bread at home and it tasted very nice.....

When I saw about bread machine I got more interest in purchasing it with a feeling that its easy to have a bread machine than a oven to bake the things,,,,and finally I decided to buy..after many checks in Internet I bought a bread machine and I did my first baking (basic bread)by following the recipe given by the company(bread machine company).

Something went wrong and it has not turned well.I felt bad and tried another method....This time I tried sweet bread,,,which also has not come out fine,,(I was not satisfied).

Now I really felt bad and thought the money which I spent on the bread machine has gone waste. I kept that aside and started thinking. Then finally I thought of watching some video's and give a try for the last time...I saw about 10-12 different video's and finally today tried my own method(a mixture of all the methods) which worked out very well and I finally prepared a Masala bread ...

I would like to share with you the recipe of my first baking...Most of you know this ,,because its very simple and basic method..But those who are like me,,,very very beginner's in backing,,,I hope for them this will be help full.

The Ingredients for making Masala Bread are:
(The measurement has been used in the cups and spoon given along with the machine)
Wheat flour 1 1/2 cup(cup I have used is given along with the bread machine with measurement)(I have used the normal wheat flour which is used for chapati)
All purpose flour(maida) 1/2 cup
Butter 2 TBSP
Honey 3/4 TBSP
Salt 3/4 tsp
sugar 1TBSP
Fast action east 1 TBSP(7gm)
Milk Powder 2 1/2 TBSP
Dry Red Chilly Flacks 1tsp(or as per your spice)
Oil 2tsp(for brushing and frying)

Red Onion 1 finely chopped
Fresh coriander 1/2 cup finely chopped

Its very easy in bread machine, because if you put all ingredients (according to the order) It will prepare a dough and keep for raising and bakes...that means all work is done by the machine.Its very nice naa,,It will take 3 hour 20 mins to finish the process(different settings will have different time)

So let us start with the method...Take out the pan first add all your wet ingredients...water and honey...then add flour,milk powder,sugar,salt. Cut the butter in to 3-4 piecs and keep it in the corner of the pan(if you are using butter stick)finally add the yeast in the middle of the pan ,fix the pan in the machine.Now close the lid...

Setting:Now you need to set the things like loaf size,crust,type of bread etc.I have used options like wholemeal bread,very low crust with 1.5lb,and pressed start.
Now heat 1tsp oil in small woke and fry the chopped onion and coriander.Fry till the onion turns in to brown, then turn of the heat, keep aside to cool down.

The best part in this machine is first it will mix all the ingredients for about 9-10 mins and prepares a dough,then keep the dough for resting for 30 mins then again will knead the dough for 30 min then will keep for it follows the same hand made method,,,,so finally after 3 cycle it will bake for 50mins and your bread is ready,,(time will differ for different settings)

Once the first cycle is over you add the fried onion and coriander to the that when the 2nd cycle of mixing starts this masala will be mixed with the dough properly.Then no need to do anything till the bread is done..

Once the bread is done,,the machine will beep,So that you take out the pan(use hand glows as it is very hot) and take out the loaf slowly..brush oil if required then keep on wire rack for cooling down for 1/2 hour...
Once the bread is cool make slices and have with cup of tea or coffee...

Enjoy baking,,Next time again I will come with new adventure in baking....


  1. Congrats dear..firsts are always special..bread turned out perfect..!!

    US Masala

  2. Congrats Chitra, looks perfect.

  3. congrats on ur new purchase, looks like its money well spent! the bread has come out perfectly.