Monday, 24 January 2011

Veggie Rainbow (Warm)salad

Its we feel like eating every hot.....and the salads usually made from fresh vegetables...which we don't feel eating in this cold I though of preparing just like below.....

Mixture of 5-6 vegetables of your choice 2 bowl
I have used(purple and white cabbage,carrot,Yellow and green bell pepper, cauliflower,baby corn and broccoli)..
salt as per taste
lemon juice 1tsp
Chilly sauce 2tsp
tomato sauce 4-5TBSP
Green pesto paste 2-4tsp
Red chilly powder 1tsp(for extra spice optional)
Mint sauce or green pesto
olive oil 1 TBSP

Wash all the vegetables and make slices..slightly grill or roast in microwave..or you can steam them(don't steam them very soft,,,)..
Heat a pan,now add these vegetables in that pan and also add the other ingredient's to veggie and mix them well...turn of the heat and serve hot salad,,,,immediately...

I love to eat this this cold winter. especially with home made wholemeal bread

or eat just like as it is.....very yummy and healthy salad..

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  1. Very colourful, crunchy and yummy salad.

  2. looks yum , and very healthy looking winter warmers !

  3. very colorful salad dear...thanks for sending the entry..My first time here...will visit often..It would be great if you check my blog abt the format of the event and I appreciate if u send a mail in the required format... I m accepting ur entry as u mentioned url in my event announcement page still I need a mail for the formality

  4. looks yum! Hope you'll drop on by at my blog - have tons of salad recipes.

  5. Colorful n delicious..perfect for a light lunch!

    US Masala

  6. Hey Chitra, First time on your blog and you have a good space here with lovely recipes! Thanks for visiting my site and your lovely comments