Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Veggie Herb Thin Crust pizza

This time I tried a different method..Pizza with herbs....and last time it was thick this time I made thin crust base....which resulted very yummy tasted really very very yummy.....and now I feel its very easy to prepare the pizza.....

For making 4 pizza(approx 2.5cm diameter)
For Pizza base:
Plain flour(maida) 1 1/2 cup(I have used bread machine cup for measurement)
Oil(sunflower oil) 3TBSP+1tsp oil extra(for greasing)
Salt 1/2 tsp
Sugar 1TBSP
Fast Action Yeast 1 1/2 tsp
Mixed herbs 2tsp(I have used dry herbs)

For Tomato paste:
Crushed tomato puree 1/2 cup(or you can use 1 cup
salt a pinch
Red chilly sauce 2tsp
Dry basil 1tsp

For Pizza topping:
Grated cheese 1cup(use mozzarella cheese)
Sliced Veggie like I have used(You can use any of your choice)
Onion 1(big),Capsicum 1,tomato 1,baby corn 4-5,olive 15-18(I have used green,you can use black one) Jalapeño 10-15 slice and sweet corn 2cup.


I prepared the dough in my bread add all the ingradents~(according to the instruction given by the machine) and set for Pizza dough fuction.... after 1 and half an hour it looked like this...

Now grease your palm with oil and make 4 equal part(it depends upon the size you make)also grease your pizza pan (this time I have used a ceramic plate to prepare pizza base)keep one portion of dough on the plate.Flatten it,spread around the plate and give pizza shape by hand.(Make thin base).....Keep this covered for 15-20

Mean time prepare tomato paste....In a cup add all tomato paste ingradents and give a good stir..everything should be mixed well..The paste is ready to use...

After 20 mins keep this base in the microwave(keep the plate on top of the grill)If you have pizza option in your microwave oven,,set that..other wise you can also cook by using combination method(which will allow the food to cook as well as get grilled,,,,which is very good for pizza)...If you do not have that option also ..then use only grill option and set the time for approx 15-18 mins.after 3-4 mins..take out the pizza that time the pizza base should not sticky to hand,it keep aside for 2-4 mins then spread the tomato paste

and then arrange the veggie topping one by one..first keep tomato,onion, jalapeño and capsicum now
spread one layer of cheese,then again keep other veggies (except olive)then spread one more layer of ,on top of that keep the sliced olive..Now the base is ready to cook..

again keep it in the microwave..cook till time ends or till the pizza is cooked and slightly crunchy(have a check in between...because all the machines will have different function..and power,).
Once you feel that the pizza is cooked completely...take out from the microwave oven and transfer to serving plate.

.....after 10 mins.......ready to serve........

Just try one bite......


  1. whoo..that pizza looks so cheesy n yummy...loving it :)

    US Masala

  2. wow... what a fantastic pizza and you pictures are rocking dear.....

  3. hey, this pizza is making my mouth water. looks very yummy.

  4. Hey, very interesting recipe.. I am definitely going to try this one..