Sunday, 17 October 2010

Happy Navaratri All of You...

Navaratri is a very special time of honoring the Divine Mother. Navaratri means nine nights. Navaratri happens in Spring and in Autumn of every year. It begins on a New Moon in the month of Ashwini and Chaitra. Both sets of nine days are also connected to Lord Rama. The Chaitra shukla Navaratri is known as Ram navami. I will be writing about that in the march next year. Lord Rama fought with the demon Ravana for nine days and nine nights when the Sun went in Virgo all those centuries ago.Lord Rama prayed to Durga to give him strength to fight the demon ago and on the 10th day he emerged victorious on Vijaya dashami also known as Dussherra.

Festival lunch..

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