Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Veggie Delight

I ate this delight first time in SUB-WAY.Being a vegetarian when ever we go out, we go to Sub-Way and eat Veggie delight. Its very easy to I thought of preparing at home, and today I wanted to update in my blog also. I am sure most of you all know we go...

Ingredients:(for 2 servings)
long baguette 1
canned olive 5-6 sliced
Tomato 1 sliced in round shape
Onion and capsicum sliced
Sweet corn 1 cup
Baby corn 2 sliced
Tomato ketchup 3-4tsp(or more as per taste)
Chilly sauce 2tsp

Take a baguette and cut in the middle,Heat in microwave for 1min(you can also keep cheese on the bread).

open one side for both pieces,spread tomato ketchup and chilly sauce on both the sides.

If add capsicum and onion in a microwave safe bowl and cook for 3-4 mins(so that it will taste good)
Now spread the vegetable one by one(first keep tomato then rest of the vegetables) and cover with the other side....
Tasty Veggie Delight is ready to serve...

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