Tuesday, 17 November 2009

ಜೋಳದ Rooti/Juwar flour Indian bread

Ingredients:(4-5 rooti)
Juwar flour 1cup
2tsp of wheat flour(optional)
Water 1/2 cup(approx)
salt 1/2 tsp

Heat the water in a pan.In mixing bowel add all dry ingredients and make well in between,once the bubble comes out from the the water turn of the heat and pour the water in the flour and mix well using fingers to make dough.Divide them in to equal balls and roll it on carefully,with out breaking the edges use dry flour for rolling (otherwise the dough will stick)
Heat the tava(which is used to prepare pancake) & gently put this rooti,take white cloth dip in water and spread on rooti after 30 second turn the other side and use the method.Like this cook the rooti both the side properly.The rooti may puffy if the flour is fresh and pure. Otherwise put the rooti on serving plate..

Serve the rooti hot with fresh butter..or with curry...

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