Thursday, 16 September 2010

Kashaya/Hot milk drink

This is one of drink which i use to drink from my childhood, along with breakfast.Now again i started preparing this drink, so you also just try at your home..Its a tasty and healthy drink any time..and easy to prepare.
If you Prepare and store the powder once and you can prepare kashaya very fast.
Powder preparation method is there under the heading POWDER.
If you don't have Jaggary you can use sugar,or if you don't like sweet,then you can prepare the Kashaya without sugar or jaggary.


Milk 2Glass(can use either whole milk or semi-skimmed milk)
water 1/2 glass
Kashaya powder 1tsp
Jaggary or sugar 2tsp


In a pan boil the water by adding kashaya powder and jaggary,once it is boiling add milk and again boil for 6-7 mins in low flame and turn of the heat.Now strain the drink in to mug and serve hot...

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